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human-centered design for thriving equity and inclusion

Convergence Point Consulting (CPC) was born from a lifelong obsession with finding an efficient path toward one mission - improving the lives of customers served.  Businesses, products and services  crafted through human-centered design are good for business and make our world better. Inclusion and equity based solutions produce a diverse customer base with loyalty fostered through a sense of belonging. Our consultants are dedicated to supporting mission-based companies as they sort through cluttered data points and plot a path toward growth.

We believe that improved health outcomes are possible when you plot a clear path forward based on:
  • who your customers are - who you serve and want to serve
  • where your customers are in their journey - behavioral drivers
  • where your program can help them in their journey - defining solution value / promise
  • how to deliver a valuable product that impacts - solution / operational roadmap
The digital world has provided immense opportunities to streamline operations and focus on the reason your product, or service, exists... to support wellbeing.

Whether you are a start-up, just getting setup, or a established business, looking for improvements, let's talk about what CPC can do for you.

Strategic Business Planning

Fractional CxO A tight customer experience map, operational plan and measurement strategy are essential for a successful launch.

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Operations Audit & Product Alignment

Fractional COO / CTO Surprise and delight customers by first ensuring your operations align with your brand promise.

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Sales & Marketing Re/Orientation

Fractional CMO Foster loyalty through well structured promotional materials and ethical, incentives aligned to your brand promise.

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Outside Expertise We know we can't do everything and that is why we value our partnerships. Do you need support in figuring out who you need and finding that perfect partnership? Let's talk.

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Suan M Taylor Kregel

Founder & Principal CX Consultant

My obsession with building efficient and sustainable paths to well is why Convergence Point Consulting exists.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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