Convergence Point Consulting (CPC) was born from a lifelong obsession with finding an efficient path toward one mission - improving the lives of customers served.  Businesses, products and services  crafted through human-centered design are good for business and make our world better. Inclusion and equity based solutions produce a diverse customer base with loyalty fostered through a sense of belonging. Our consultants are dedicated to supporting mission-based companies as they sort through cluttered data points and plot a path toward growth.

We believe that improved health outcomes are possible when you plot a clear path forward based on:
  • who your customers are - who you serve and want to serve
  • where your customers are in their journey - behavioral drivers
  • where your program can help them in their journey - defining solution value / promise
  • how to deliver a valuable product that impacts - solution / operational roadmap
The digital world has provided immense opportunities to streamline operations and focus on the reason your product, or service, exists... to support wellbeing.

Whether you are a start-up, just getting setup, or a established business, looking for improvements, let's talk about what CPC can do for you.